Our Metal Treating Services

The hands-on management at ECMT allows custom processing of all jobs from the smallest dies to large production orders. Customers requiring quality heat treating services include companies ranging in size from small local shops to international companies who have approved ECMT as their heat treating vendor. The commitment to personal services starts with a comprehensive training program for all employees. This assures that all personnel understand the importance of providing deliveries of quality products to their customers.

Cryogenic Treating

- State of the art control system
- Parts up to 42” long
-300°F to +1250°F operating range

Atmosphere Heat Treating

Nitrogen / Methanol
- Normalizing
- Neutral hardening
- Carburizing / Carbonitriding

Hydrogen and/or Nitrogen
- Annealing
- Tempering

Vacuum Heat Treating

- Hardening
- Annealing
- Precipitation hardening
- Tempering
- Stress relieving
- Solution annealing
- Normalizing

Induction Heat Treating

- Single shot
- Scanning up to 36”
- Dynamic voltage & frequency

Salt Bath Heat Treating

- Austempering
- Marquenching
- Parts up to 36” long
- Oil quenching

Black Oxide

- 100% compliance w/ municipal regulations
- Sediment evacuation preformed weekly
- Parts up to 8’ long
- Rack & barrel

Gas Nitriding

- Single stage
- Double stage
- Ferritic nitro-carburizing (w/ optional post oxidation)

Air Heat Treating

- Tempering
- Stress relieving
- Precipitation hardening

Metallurgical Services

- New, state of the art metlab w/ metallurgist on staff
 -Failure analysis
- Total & effective case depth measurement
- Microstructure evaluation

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting

- Rack & barrel
- Glass bead
- Aluminum oxide

Aluminum Heat Treating

- Annealing
- Stress relieving
- Tempering
- Age hardening


- Dynamic controls up to 45 tons
- Parts up to 44” long
- Auto-stroke control of T.I.R.

Pickup and Delivery

East Carolina Metal Treating and Virginia Metal Treating has a fleet of trucks running 5 days a week. We offer pickup and delivery to:

  • North Carolina , with a delivery area encompassing Greensboro / Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Asheboro, Sanford, Southern Pines, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Zebulon, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.
  • Virginia , with a delivery area including Lynchburg, Salem and Richmond.

Please call 919-834-2100 to determine if your specific location is within our delivery routes.



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